Inspire Regulations Public task

The INSPIRE (Scotland) Regulations 2009 are not currently applicable to the University of Edinburgh, as we do not have a "public task" under the Regulations. Our "public task" statement explains our reasoning.

Statement of "public task"

The INSPIRE (Scotland) Regulations 2009 apply to the primary copy of geospatial datasets relating to certain categories of information which are produced, received, managed or updated by a "Scottish public authority"; within the scope of its "public tasks";. The University of Edinburgh does not currently have a "public task" under this legislation.

Please click the link below to read our statement of "public task" which explains the reasoning behind this.

Geospatial datasets at the University of Edinburgh

For the purposes of certain research projects academics at the University may nevertheless chose to ensure their geospatial metadata meets the requirements of INSPIRE, for example due to funding agreements. This does not imply that the University of Edinburgh has a "public task"; under INSPIRE.

Researchers seeking to make data INSPIRE compliant may wish to contact EDINA, as they can offer assistance in doing so.



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Further information

If you have any queries about the University's implementation of INSPIRE and this statement please contact Information Compliance Services:


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Author: Sara Cranston

Version: 2

Date: July 2015