Support for practitioners

Links to the request handling procedures for information practitioners, and to the other sources of support available.

Wiki pages for practitioners

We have a wiki with guidance for practitioners on how to respond to freedom of information requests.

Our website

Information Compliance Services has produced guidance on a range of freedom of information topics wider than request handling.


All new practitioners receive an invitation to attend practitioner induction training. The training is also open to anyone who is regularly involved in answering requests, or any practitioners who attended some years ago and would like a refresher.

We also offer other training and briefings which are of relevance to practitioners.

Briefings and training

Scottish Information Commissioner

The Scottish Information Commissioner's website has detailed briefings and guidance on responding to requests and applying exemptions. Please contact Information Compliance Services if you receive a request where there are genuine concerns about the disclosure of requested information, so that we can work with you to identify the appropriate exemption and ensure it is properly applied.

Scottish Information Commissioner - briefings and guidance

By email, phone or in person

Please get in touch with us if there is any issue you would like to discuss.